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Why beinge?

A versatile health app which helps an individual with a prolonged treatment regimen to get continuous advice from his/her doctor

beinge helps you to aggregate your medical records, digitize them and make meaningful use of them in times of emergencies and continued treatment with your physicians/specialists. beinge makes medical interactions personal, mobile and connected.

You can access beinge from your browser on any device from your android phone/tablet.


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Link your family's health data with each other and share these with doctors,labs and pharmacies


Convert paper records into insightful health charts and track trends


Using beinge is easy as emailing a record or clicking a picture with your phone

Your personal medical network

Share with a doctor

Time bound on demand sharing with medical professionals

Link family

Access data of your loved ones so help is just one click away

Online interaction with Labs & pharmacies

Make your life easier by saving time and effort

Change the way you look at health

beinge homepage

Visualize health

Trends of your vital medical parameters over time

Health profile

All of your medical data in one place. No more dusty folders!

Specialist dashboards

Track key parameters related to a medical condition

Who can benefit from beinge?

  • If you are undergoing treatment of chronic Diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Oncology, Obesity
  • Lifecycle treatments pertaining to you and your family members - Pediatric, Maternity and Geriatric
  • If you have undergone organ transplant and need continued treatment
  • Patients with multiple ailments and require multi-disciplinary review with more than one specialist
  • Patients who are planning for treatment abroad or getting treated from a remote place

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