What is beinge for Doctors?

A secure, free app that helps a doctor to engage continuously with patients during their prolonged treatment regimen in an organized fashion, maximizing time and effort for new patients and complementing existing HMS/CPMS software.

Why beinge?

As a doctor, beinge helps you to have a complete view of your patient health all the time. You can access their complete health profile including that of any existing conditions anytime, anywhere from your smartphone.

You can advise them on the basis of a recent test result, initiate conversation with them or refer them to anyone in your network thereby saving time and effort for you and them on ongoing basis during a treatment regimen.

beinge enables you to seamlessly interact with your patients on an ongoing non-intrusive basis (avoiding frequent phone calls or in-person reviews) during their prolonged treatment schedule, whenever they are in need to report results or get advice from you.

beinge helps you understand their medical history and access trends of the key parameters before advising them at any point of time or prior to their in-person review.

beinge can seamlessly complement with any HMS/CPMS that you use every day.

beinge is completely free to use for doctors. We hope this will help your work easier and better and ultimately benefit patients.


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Who can benefit from beinge?

  • Specialists - who advise patients with chronic diseases/organ transplant/post-surgical treatment plans, who require to undertake frequent tests and report them to the specialist and seek advice
  • Super Specialists - who advise international or outstation patients and require frequent interaction with the doctor.
  • Physicians - who manage patients with multiple conditions, collaborate with Specialists for focused treatment based on identified objectives.
  • Family Doctors - who treat family members and provide advice for treatment or refer for advanced treatment.
  • OHS Physicians - who monitor employees who frequently travel or who work under certain occupational conditions.

Features for Doctors

Stay connected:beinge offers a new way to stay in touch with your patients where-ever they are in the globe.

Quick access to patient medical data: View a unified and complete medical history of patients to offer a more personalized consultation. Even if you are not part of beinge family, you can still access our registered users profile, shared to you as a web link through any social media application like Whatsapp, Instagram….

Personalized consultation: For each of your patients, a comprehensive dashboard reflecting trends of their key parameters related to your specialization would be available instantly for your review. You also can access the entire medical data of the patients, as well access all the previous advice threads from here.

Provide Advice: beinge helps you to connect with your patients offline during a treatment regimen. You can provide advice to them based on an uploaded test results or you can proactively reach out to them making them feel privileged.

Invite Patients: You can seamlessly invite your patients into beinge from your homepage.

Ease of Use: beinge for doctors is a webAPP which can be accessed from your browser from any of your smart devices(Phones, tablets, laptops etc) by typing in www.beinge.com.


Or Call us at +91 98400 16822 to know more

Frequently Asked Questions

Once a patient has shared his / her beinge profile with you, his / her name appears in your patient list. This will be alerted to you through a notification also. Patients will share their profile to you for a specified period of time. Post this shared period, the patient name will be automatically removed from your patient list. You can also invite patients to join beinge so that they can share their medical information to you.

Yes, beinge is completely free to use for doctors. We hope this will help your work easier and better, and ultimately benefit patients.

For invited patients, we provide 3 months free access of our product. Patients can decide to go for a subscription or they can continue to access the feature available for free subscription.

Our vision is to connect doctor and patient virtually and make meaningful use of the medical data of patients for real time use. We would continue to strive to enhance features available to you to consult patients more effectively and integrate payment gateways paving way to extend your practice stream also into E-Consult.