Share with a Doctor

On-demand sharing with medical professionals with a adjustable time limit

Visualize your health

Trends of your vital medical parameters charted over time

Link family

Access data of your loved ones so help is just one click away

Labs & pharmacies

Make your life easier by saving time and effort in transactions

Specialist dashboards

Track key parameters related to a medical speciality at a glance

Health profile

All of your medical data in one place. No more dusty folders!

Secure & Private

Industry standard security and privacy for your data

Easy to start

Upload data through email or through camera, or log vitals directly

Access on any device

Works on phones, tablets or desktops, so you always have access

See how it works!


Free Plan

  • • Anytime, Anywhere access
  • • Register with email id, single sign on with Facebook and google
  • • Upload records directly using from phone camera, from your gallery and local folders
  • • Digital transformation of your medical data: Not available
  • • Trend of Vitals like Weight, BP, Random Sugar, Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate, Temperature that you record at home/workplace
  • • Trend & Insights: Limited to Vitals Data
  • • Invite, Link & Access your family members health data - You can delegate your account to them and they can act as caretaker at times of need.
  • • CLI( Your Health Summary for emergency use)
  • • Collaboration features: Limited Share
  • • Portability of medical records: Not available
  • • Ask your doctor: Not available
  • • Specialist Insights: Not available
  • • Life time subscription and anytime upgrade to Gold plan


  • • Anytime, Anywhere access
  • • Suitable for individuals who are in constant need of medical attention
  • • Single Sign on - Register/Login using Facebook or Google ID
  • • Upload records from phone camera, email it and send it offline
  • • Trends of all parameters based on the medical records that you upload into beinge. For eg, BP, Random Sugar, Temperature and the like
  • • Invite, Link & Access your family member health data
  • • Share and Communicate with your doctor
  • • Ask your doctor: Ask advice and chat with doctor
  • • Download, Print, Send medical records to a lab or pharmacy
  • • All uploaded medical records would be digitized by 96+ hours
  • • Trend & Insights: Available for all clinical parameters that your uploaded medical records.
  • • CLI( Your Health Summary for emergency use): Available
  • • Specialist Insights where you medical data are put to meaningful use.
  • • Auto roll back into Free plan for your life time, if you choose not to renew your subscription
  • • Online payment enabled for your convenience
  • • Use now and pay later, avail our FREE 90 day look-in offer for immediate sign-ups

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to follow through a few steps for completing registration. Details are as below: Rsgister with beinge using your email address or google or facebook credentials. If registered with email address, beinge would validate your account through OTP/email codes for validating your account. You can access beinge by accessing from any browser in your smartphone/Pads/desktops or laptop

beinge is best accessible from browsers like Chrome, Safari from your smartphone through It is best suited to be used in WiFi but can be accessed from any 2G,3G,4G networks. We are launching an Android APP shortly for the benefit of our end-users.

During first time login, please update your name, date of birth and family/medical history details in the profile section. Please update your name which you use primarily in your medical records. You can then start uploading all your medical reports. Start with your latest reports and then upload your past medical records. Make sure that you tag records appropriately whenever you are asked for.

You can request your spouse or family member or a caretaker to create an account for them in beinge. You can delegate your access to them by linking your profile into theirs. You require their email address to link.

You need to have your doctor's email address first. Please request your doctor for the same. Use SHARE feature to share your profile to your doctor for a stipulated timeframe. Your doctor may not be using beinge. In that case, please forward the link that SHARE feature provide and send it to your doctor through any smartapps like email, whatsapp, Instagram… Your doctor can instantly access your details.

GOLD plan provides you extensive access of all available and upcoming features in beinge. Free plan encourages you to use beinge and based on your needs, you can upgrade to GOLD subscription anytime. Free plan would have limitation with respect to digitization of your uploaded medical record.